Drawing from its founders' expertise in commercial and operative finance areas acquired from years of experience in investment banking and agribusiness, and their extensive service to wineries, Bacchus Advisors was principally founded to meet the financial advising needs of the wine industry. Our company aims to provide clients with specialized services, taking into consideration the critical variables involved in the different stages of the wine industry, such as production, bottling, and distribution.

Bacchus Advisors is built on strategic alliances with investment banks in Europe, LatAm, North America and Asia, and an extensive network of wineries, wine importers and investors.

Our team includes professionals from different areas, such as agronomists, engineers, and lawyers with experience in the agricultural and beverage sectors, who work together to achieve excellence and global integration.


In our quest to provide comprehensive solutions for our customers, Bacchus Advisors offers the following services:


We manage purchases and sales of companies, mergers, incorporation of partners, restructuring, appraisal, and fairness opinions. We strive to provide our clients with comprehensive service, and facilitate the most complex scenarios. 



We look for new markets, distribution channels and importers for reaching a fitting partnership to our clients. Specially in Asia and South America. Taking advantage of our local presence, specially Asia through our offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai.


We provide analysis, diagnostic assessments, and action plan services to companies that look to organize and optimize their results based on an independent opinion and profound financial knowledge.

We seek to help our clients reach optimal financial organization that sustains the long term continuity and profitability of their businesses, structuring its current debt and raising new money.